Replace Moment.js

You might want to replace Moment.js with another date library (Ant design currently supports dayjs and date-fns) to reduce bundle size. We provide two ways to customize:

Custom component#

The first way is to use generatePicker (or generateCalendar) to help create Picker components.

First, we initialize an antd demo with create-react-app. You can refer to Use in TypeScript, or you can start directly here init antd


Create src/components/DatePicker.tsx.

For example:

import { Dayjs } from 'dayjs';
import dayjsGenerateConfig from 'rc-picker/lib/generate/dayjs';
import generatePicker from 'antd/es/date-picker/generatePicker';

const DatePicker = generatePicker<Dayjs>(dayjsGenerateConfig);

export default DatePicker;


Create src/components/TimePicker.tsx.

For example:

import { Dayjs } from 'dayjs';
import * as React from 'react';
import DatePicker from './DatePicker';
import { PickerTimeProps } from 'antd/es/date-picker/generatePicker';

export interface TimePickerProps extends Omit<PickerTimeProps<Dayjs>, 'picker'> {}

const TimePicker = React.forwardRef<any, TimePickerProps>((props, ref) => {
  return <DatePicker {...props} picker="time" mode={undefined} ref={ref} />;

TimePicker.displayName = 'TimePicker';

export default TimePicker;


Create src/components/Calendar.tsx.

For example:

import { Dayjs } from 'dayjs';
import dayjsGenerateConfig from 'rc-picker/lib/generate/dayjs';
import generateCalendar from 'antd/es/calendar/generateCalendar';

const Calendar = generateCalendar<Dayjs>(dayjsGenerateConfig);

export default Calendar;

Export Custom component#

Create src/components/index.tsx.

For example:

export { default as DatePicker } from './DatePicker';
export { default as Calendar } from './Calendar';
export { default as TimePicker } from './TimePicker';

Use Custom component#

Modify src/App.tsx,import dayjs and custom component.

- import { DatePicker, Calendar } from 'antd';
- import format from 'moment';

+ import { DatePicker, TimePicker, Calendar } from './components';
+ import format from 'dayjs';

If the above steps do not work correctly, you can refer to antd4-generate-picker/antd-ts.

If you need JavaScript code, you can refer to antd4-generate-picker/antd-demo.

If you use umi, you can reference antd4-use-dayjs-replace-moment.


We also provide another implementation, which we provide with antd-dayjs-webpack-plugin, replacing momentjs with Day.js directly without changing a line of existing code. More info can be found at antd-dayjs-webpack-plugin.

// webpack-config.js
import AntdDayjsWebpackPlugin from 'antd-dayjs-webpack-plugin';

module.exports = {
  // ...
  plugins: [new AntdDayjsWebpackPlugin()],

Use date-fns#

date-fns currently supports custom component methods similar to dayjs. The difference is that the parameter types used are different. Support is provided in antd 4.5.0 and above.

For Example:


Create src/components/DatePicker.tsx.

Code as follows:

import dateFnsGenerateConfig from 'rc-picker/lib/generate/dateFns';
import generatePicker from 'antd/es/date-picker/generatePicker';
import 'antd/es/date-picker/style/index';

const DatePicker = generatePicker<Date>(dateFnsGenerateConfig);

export default DatePicker;
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