Ant Financial has a large number of enterprise-level products. With complex scenarios, designers and developers often need to respond fast due to frequent changes in product demands and concurrent R & D workflow. Many similar contents exist in the process. Through abstraction, we could obtain some stable and highly reusable components and pages.

On the other hand, with the trend of commercialization, more and more enterprise products begin to pursue better user experiences. Under this situation, Ant User-Experience Design Team builds a design system for enterprise products based on four design values of Natural, Certain, Meaningful, and Growing. It aims to uniform the user interface specs and reduce redundancies and excessive production costs, helping product designers to focus on better user experience.

Guidelines and Resources#

We provide comprehensive design guidelines, best practices, resources, and tools to help designers produce high-quality product prototypes.

Front-end Implementation#

React is used to encapsulate a library of components which embody our design language. We welcome the community to implement our design system in other front-end frameworks of their choice.

Who's using Ant Design#

If your company or products use Ant Design, and you'd like to be added to this growing list, click here to leave us a message.

Words From Community#

How to Contribute#

Contributions to Ant Design on Github are welcomed! Whether you have questions, concerns, or suggestions for improving Ant Design - please don't hesitate to reach out to us here.

Design Values