Third-Party Libraries

antd is built to implement a set of high-quality React UI components which follow Ant Design specification. It is impossible to include all useful components in one package, so we also recommend that using other great third-party libraries in React community.

CategoryRecommended Components
Visualization and chartsAnt Design Charts AntV Data Visualization
React Hooks Libraryahooks
React Form LibraryProForm Formily react-hook-form formik
Layoutreact-grid-layout react-grid-system rc-dock
Drag and dropdnd-kit react-beautiful-dnd react-dnd react-sortable-hoc
Code Editorreact-codemirror2 react-monaco-editor
Rich Text Editorreact-quill braft-editor
JSON Viewerreact-json-view
Color Pickerreact-colorful react-color
Media Queryreact-responsive react-media
Copy to clipboardreact-copy-to-clipboard
Document head managerreact-helmet react-helmet-async
Iconsreact-fontawesome react-icons
QR Codeqrcode.react
Top Progress Barnprogress
i18nFormatJS react-i18next
Code highlightreact-syntax-highlighter
Markdown rendererreact-markdown
Infinite Scrollrc-virtual-list react-infinite-scroll-component
Mapreact-google-maps google-map-react react-amap
Videoreact-player video-react video.js
Context Menureact-contexify
Split Viewreact-split-pane
Image Cropantd-img-crop react-image-crop
Trend Linesreact-sparklines
Keywords highlightreact-highlight-words
Text Loopreact-text-loop-next react-fast-marquee
Animationreact-move Ant Motion react-spring
Page Footerrc-footer
Water MarkWaterMark
Currencyreact-number-format react-currency-input-fiel
Application Frameworksumi remix refine

Products we are using ✨#

There are some products to recommend for developer/designer/product manager.

CategoryRecommended Products
Documentation🐦 Yuque
Sketch pluginKitchen
Online Playgroundcodesandbox codepen
Image Compressortinypng
Charts Dictionary图之典
V3 to V4Internationalization